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In general anyone and anything can be posted in AMargaPedia/Management. An open editable website (wiki) for all. But this openness doesn't mean that there is no selection and direction behind the pages. There is and depends on the decision of those who are actively editing and contributing materials and improvements.

The AMargaPedia/Management is highly flexible and changeable giving scope to the contributors to direct the flow of information. This page describes the direction and guides, and suggests what type of news and articles to contribute.

When a page is ready it's labelled with categories and sub-categories automatically recognised by the Wiki's database structure which organises and sorts the pages as per the configured direction which is presented here below.


  1. To give a general idea what is happening in the society at the global and local level which are relevant to the departments aims and objectives of AMPS and Trades.
  2. To show how P.R. Sarkar's philosophy, theory, social and spiritual activities, and services programs are related to the events and things going on in the society and how a progressive and benevolent future would look like.
  3. What other alternative and active groups and members do and say about the current society.
  4. News and happenings in Ananda Marga/AMPS and what are the past & present work and establishment.
  5. The "what and why" in Ananda Marga/AMPS.
  6. How to do and solutions everything Marga related.
  7. Local and international available funds, materials and human resources.
  8. Help, materials and things urgently needed.

The society oriented pages will create a simple and relevant "profile" of each country and Ananda Marga pages of each sector. These two profiles will present the past, present and near future with the purpose for the readers and users to know (WHAT), learn (HOW) and be motivated (WHY) how to do things what matters today. Of course the success of this site depends on the content of the pages, which depends on the contributors and they on the collaboration.

Depending on the content and purpose of a page it is labelled with one of the categories of 7 Questions which four of them (WHAT, WHY, HOW and WHO) are the main categories and the others (WHERE, WHEN, and WHICH) are sub-categories. (Click the AMP/M flow chart image at the right side)

The home page is fully automated using the Dynamic Page Link (DPL) extension tags which extract pages as per the assigned categories. Here below is the layout of the structure:


What is happening in the society (WHAT)

This category group gives an overview of "What's Happening in the World" containing selected news and events describing the current social, economic and environmental issues, which need attention or be aware about or are useful when organising or planning department relevant works.

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Country profile

This category group lists articles and analysis describing the present situation and life / living conditions in a country related to the news and events of what is happening in the society, which are useful and relevant when organising or planning department's district and block level study, work or short and long term services.

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Sector profile

This category group presents the over-view of the establishment and work in a sector - related country profiles describing the situation and conditions, the established departments and Trades, human resources and PR / pracar.

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Near future

This category group strives to create an informative vision with selected articles and analysis describing rationally and appropriately when and what will the near future society become if the "What is Happening in the Society" issues and concerns continue as they do.

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World history

How does the history affects and directs the society. This category group strives to give this answer with selected articles and analysis written by P.R. Sarkar and others authors explaining the background of today's behaviour and well-being.

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What P.R. Sarkar and others wrote and say (WHY)

This category group is for conciousness rising to broaden the awareness and knowledge about social, economic, cultural and spiritual questions related to the basic necessities of life, health and interrelationships, life purpose(s) and other commonly asked why things happen as they do. The selected articles answering these questions are by P.R. Sarkar and others who wrote and said recently or last decades to help in both departmental works and personal/collective improvements.

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Baba wrote

This category is about the spiritual and social knowledge Shrii, Shrii Anandamurti wrote and said. A philosopher, author, social revolutionary, poet, composer and linguist. The founder of Ananda Marga (the Path of Bliss), a spiritual and social organization that offers instruction in meditation, yoga and other self-development practices on a non-commercial basis, as well as a variety of social programs such as preschools in disadvantaged areas, disaster relief teams, and other activities. Affectionately referred to as Baba (meaning 'the dear one') by his disciples. A prolific author and produced an extensive body of work that includes theories aimed at increasing human welfare.

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What is .....

This category group strives to give answer to the basic questions about Ananda Marga and AMPS, why and what they are, the practices, the organisational and structural sides.

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AM History

Since 1969 when Ananda Marga start spreading its departmental work outside India, there has been constant effort to move forward without looking back. This category group strives to review and find why and what did AMPS and Trade and other active members do in the early days in different part of the world. To learn and know why and how things were done. If possible, to revitalise and utilize inactive or forgotten places, establishments and information in order not to reinvent or redo things what still exist and are available.

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Did you know

This category group provides additional knowledge and information about society and useful for departmental plans and works.

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Department and Trade plans and works (HOW)

This category group provides "how to do" news and articles of departmental and trade works and activities, what the Marga and other active members do collectively in solving and serving the humanity in different parts of the world, and also the individual achivements.
category = HOW
category = HW-plan-work

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Solutions About Everything Marga Related

This category group provides solutions about everything Marga related based on P.R. Sarkar and many others informative, educational and practical ideas.

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Watch / Listen

This category stores visual and audio learning materials.

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Your help and things needed urgently

This category group asks for your help, materials and things urgently needed in different part of the world.

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Good news, results and resources (WHO)

This category group stores good news articles of departmental and trade works and activities, the results of Marga members do and the resources they collectively use in solving and serving the humanity in different parts of the world, and also the individual achivements.
category = WHO
category = WO-am-news

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Results and Establishments

This category group lists the results and establishments what the Marga and other active members have achieved and established in different part of the world.

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Local and international available resources

This category group lists which and where are the local and international available funds, materials and human resources.

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