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(Berlin Sector) Amurt Italy is the association of reference in Italy of the international network Amurt Global Network. E 'operational for over 20 years, in the main areas of intervention of the Association, especially through the activities of collecting and sending funds to humanitarian aid projects and development. Over time, Amurt Italy has developed skills particularly in the area of sponsorships to provide practical help to orphans, abandoned or otherwise in serious difficulty, which are to be housed in the Childrens Home in the world. At the moment, Amurt Italy with its activity supports over 600 disadvantaged children in Africa, Asia, South America, Eastern Europe.

Amurt Italy also finances projects for the self-structures that house the children, and other community development projects in rural or urban sectors and at local level are considered as priorities: clean water, health, education, agriculture, micro- etc..

Amurt can boast the long-term presence of staff in the areas of intervention, whether expatriate or local personnel who are part of the association. Amurt works from this local presence, and therefore the projects are particularly targeted to priorities defined therein.

Since its founding in the early '80s Amurt Italy and non-profit social. It 's a relatively small organization and has an annual budget of 150,000 Euro, which are fully allocated to projects. The sources of funding Amurt Italy are mainly private citizens who sign long-distance adoptions of children, and to a lesser extent private companies or local authorities who support a project.

Amurt Italy is head quarter is in Parma and its operational headquarters in Casalmaggiore (CR), and other locations throughout Italy, which are hosted by friendly organizations or in private homes. Similarly, staff Amurt Italy operates in a completely voluntary. This organizational structure allows Amurt Italy to be particularly effective in its activities, since the cost of the structure and personnel are minimized.