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Baba Foundation (BFI) - Philippines (AMURT)

A non-profit development organisation, provides technical assistance, education and aid primarily to women, farmers and children. Founded in 1987 in the city of Davao in southern Philippines, BFI runs development programmes that include cooperatives, micro-finance, sustainable agriculture and child education.

BFI’s executive director, Cristita “Tara” Racosalam-Epal, says that BFI’s employees see their work as a mission. ”I think the secret of BFI’s success lies in its deep spiritual and service orientation. BFI sees its work with the poor not just as an activity, but as a mission. Hence, whether we have funds for some of our projects or not, we move on, because we believe money is not the main focus, it is just a tool. At BFI once we assess that a program is critical for people’s welfare, we move ahead with it, finding funds along the way.”


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