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This page stores good news articles of departmental and trade works and activities related to inspiring results of Marga members work and resources they collectively use in solving and serving the humanity in different parts of the world, and also the individual achivements.
News Plans and works

Taiwan Kiirtan Parikrama


Taiwan Kiirtan Parikrama - Taiwan (Dharma Pracar)

(Sunday, 23 May 2010) Taiwan Kiirtan Parikrama The Taiwan Kiirtan Parikrama (9-24 January), vibrated the entire island with Kiirtan through a series of 3 hours Akhanda Kiirtan in each unit. Every day more than 40 margiis and acaryas participated and 15 (incl. 4 Korean margiis) joined the whole tour! Akhanda Kiirtans were also held outdoors in central parks of Taipei and Kaohsiung. Coordinated by Didi Ananda Rashmika and Dada Karunamaya with close support of SS Dada, and with the ..→

Help victims of flooding of the Serra do Rio de Janeiro


Friday, 14 January 2011 (George Town Sector)

Ananda Marga and Amurt to help victims of flooding of the Serra do Rio de Janeiro

WE NEED YOUR HELP!! Ananda Marga and Amurt are mobilizing to help the flood victims of of Serra do Rio de Janeiro. The Acaryas are organizing to support the actions of solidarity in the mountain region. Given how few acaryas Suveda, Dada Anagha and some others should act on Amurt site.

AMURT and Ananda Marga are launching this campaign to receive donations in Jagrti River (tel 21-22555549) for materials and non-perishable food items. Our brothers who lives in Arun Teresópolis via ..→

Lebanon:Smart Academy project


Friday, 5 November 2010 (Kahira Sector)

Lebanon:Smart Academy project

A new full-time volunteer has come to work in the Smart Academy project, which is a school, yoga center and kids' after-school coaching center located in the mountainous Chouf region of Lebanon currently teaching 60-plus children and twenty-plus adults. Also at Smart Academy, a new day school section was added, teaching children aged 10–13, and a public lecture on Ayurveda was held in November, with 80 people attending and fifteen of those receiving followup treatment. The mayor of a nearby town attended the lecture and invited Dada ..→

Disaster Training Camp

Disaster Training Camp AMURT Bhavan complex - India (AMURT)


Monday, 27 December 2010 (Delhi Sector) A successful three days disaster Management Training Camp was held at Ananda Nagar between 27 to 29 December 2010 in the AMURT Bhavan complex. About 50 college students participated and learned how to help the people and environment affected by natural and man made disasters as AMURT volunteers.

Dr. Pashupati from US, Dr. Ramesh Mishra Rtd. Civil Surgeon From Bokaro, Dada Yoganandaji from Taiwan, and Professor Dinesh Ghosh from ..→

Graduation Ceremony, Nicaragua


(Wednesday, 8 December 2010)

Graduation Ceremony in Nicaragua (AMSAI)

Ananda Marga runs two primary schools in Nicaragua's capital, Managua. The school year ends in December and it is the tradition in Nicaragua to hold a graduation ceremony for the pre-school students who will be leaving kindergarten to enter first grade and for the the sixth grade students who will enter the higher grades. This year more than 100 people came to attend the graduation ceremony at the school run by Dada Visnupremananda. Dada gave a short talk about education, followed ..→

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