Help victims of flooding of the Serra do Rio de Janeiro

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Friday, 14 January 2011 (George Town Sector)

Ananda Marga and Amurt to help victims of flooding of the Serra do Rio de Janeiro

WE NEED YOUR HELP!! Ananda Marga and Amurt are mobilizing to help the flood victims of of Serra do Rio de Janeiro. The Acaryas are organizing to support the actions of solidarity in the mountain region. Given how few acaryas Suveda, Dada Anagha and some others should act on Amurt site.

AMURT and Ananda Marga are launching this campaign to receive donations in Jagrti River (tel 21-22555549) for materials and non-perishable food items. Our brothers who lives in Arun Teresópolis via GMA has more information about this dramatic event.

The requests are mostly for:

  • donation of food baskets
  • personal hygiene supplies
  • cleaning supplies
  • towels
  • diapers
  • bottles
  • pads
  • mattresses
  • bed clothes
  • candle / matches
  • flashlights
  • lamps etc.

(there are whole areas of town that are gone all the light poles along with the flood).

AMURT will also raise funds through donations account:

Benevolent Association Amurta Amurtel-Rio de Janeiro of Brazil Agency 0392-1 Bank current account 18722-4.

Tonight after Dharma Cakra, there will be meeting at jagrti River where there will be new news. Contacts are made with Arun to organize relief work in Teresopolis. We suggest that, if possible, be made shirts with logo-Amurt Amurtel.

Will keep in touch with new information.

Sudama / Amurt Amurtel

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