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Manila Sector, the Southeast Asia (or Southeastern Asia) is a subregion of Asia, consisting of the countries that are geographically south of China, east of India and north of Australia. The region lies on the intersection of geological plates, with heavy seismic and volcanic activity.
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AMPS/WWD Establishment


Micro finance:Financial Services with a Human Face Philippines (AMURT)

As Ms. Never Balkido came up to receive her prize as best entrepreneur of the month she tearfully told her story to the assembled group leaders of Baba’s Foundation Incorporated (BFI) Micro-finance scheme. ..→


Ananda Marga Yoga Academy - Singapore AMPES (AMPS)

AMYA was initiated in 2007 as a collaboration between Ananda Marga Yoga Society of Singapore (AMYS) and the Ananda Marga Gurukula (AMGK). The courses offered are an improved & progressive development from the yoga ..→


Baan Unrak School - Thailand AMSAI (WWD)

In December we had the yearly ‘Don’t litter program’. This is a one day program our school does every year to raise consciousness about the environment. On this day many schools in the area send some of their students ..→


Baba Foundation (BFI) - Philippines (AMURT)

A non-profit development organisation, provides technical assistance, education and aid primarily to women, farmers and children. Founded in 1987 in the city of Davao in southern Philippines, BFI runs development programmes that ..→


Laos: Sunshine School - Laos AMSAI (WWD)

The Sunshine School was established in 1996 and is officially licensed and registered with the Lao government. It is located in Vientiane, Laos. It is a pre and primary school with the Neo-Humanist Education system ..→

Master Unit Establishment

Master Unit

Ananda Asitima (Malaysia)

Sungai Petani, Northern Malaysia, is located at the foot of the Jerai mountain in Semeling, at 15 minutes from Sungai Petani in Kedah, Northern Malaysia. At about one and a half hour distance are the Islands Penang and Langkawi. In this beautiful and peaceful area Ananda Asitima was established in 1990 ..→

Master Unit, Department

Ananda Vidyadharma (Thailand)

Baan Dada is a Children’s Home and community economic development center located on the Thailand/Burma border. Baan means “house” in Thai and Dada is Sanskrit for “brother.” Baan Dada is home to approximately 60 disadvantaged or orphaned children. Baan Dada started in 1994 as an ..→

Master Unit, Department

Ananda Raga (Thailand)

The principal project of the Thai MU Ananda Raga is Baan Unrak, a children's home which provides food, housing, emotional support and educational opportunities to over 140 children. It was founded in 1991 when Didi Devamala, volunteering on an agricultural project in Sangklaburi, was given a small ..→

PROUT Establishment


Ang KaSaMa - Philippines Samaj (PROUT)

Ang KaSaMa,Inc. is the acronym for the Katipunan ng mga Samahang Maharlika, Inc., a duly .registered national NGO confederation of regional socio-economic self-reliant multi-sectoral peoples organizations, NGOs, cooperatives, and ..→

Manila Sector of yesterday, today and tomorrow

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EU fund aims to end poverty and promote rights

€69-M EU fund aims to end poverty and promote rights
Country profile

Friday, 12 November 2010 (Manila Sector)
The European Union has granted the Philippines a €69-million development assistance package meant for projects aimed to eradicate poverty, promote good governance and human rights, and bolster trade. The ..→

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