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MASTER UNIT DEPARTMENT supervises the use of land allocated for Master Unit. As the name implies, all the departments of Ananda Marga are given scope to express themselves on the Master unit. Many research activities as well are slated to develop on the Master Unit especially in the field of agriculture. The ultimate aim is to create a self- sufficient economic complex which provides a holistic environment for all around development.
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Ananda Marga, Department

Master Units around the globe

Shri P.R.Sarkar said that in the future, the organization would be supported by publications and medicines. His book on Yogic Treatments prescribes medicines that are almost entirely plant-based (with a few exceptions). So, what does that imply about the future of medicine?

A Master Units (MU) is like an eco-village and founded on the principles of sustainable development as enunciated by Sarkar - the founder. Anandanagar is the global MU that was initiated by Sarkar. He gave very many detailed guidelines for its development. Only a very small portion of his plans have been implemented so far. Most of the master units are in the rural areas and currently, there are a few hundred of them around the world.

One of the long-term objectives of the MU's is the establishment of self-sufficient Organic Farming model communities close to Nature. In the future, these units will serve as examples of self-sufficiency and all-round development of the individual and the surrounding communities.

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There are a total of 13 active MU's, producing organic products with another 20 properties waiting to be utilized. The communities function on the principle of maximum utilization and rational distribution of the resources of the individual, the collective and Nature.

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Master Units Around the Globe

Delhi Sector

Hong Kong Sector

Manila Sector

  • Thailand
    1. Master Unit, Department
      Ananda Raga, Baan Unrak was founded in 1991 when Didi Ananda Devamala, volunteering in Sangklaburi on an agricultural project, was given a child with nowhere else to go. Seventeen years later, we have over 140 children we are responsible for. The foundation of Baan Unrak is the Neo-Humanist philosophy of universal love. This has an impact on our day to day activities in many ways. The primary part of our mission is our children's home which provides food, housing, emotional support and educational opportunities to over 140 children. Link:
    2. Master Unit, Department
      Ananda Vidyadharma, Baan Dada is a Children’s Home and community economic development center located on the Thailand/Burma border. Baan means “house” in Thai and Dada is Sanskrit for “brother.” Baan Dada is home to approximately 60 disadvantaged or orphaned children. Baan Dada started in 1994 as an agriculuture project, but quickly transformed into the community service project that it is today. Some of the projects (besides the Children’s Home) that we are involved in include an eye care outreach program, a health care outreach program, and the building of a technical college. Link: http://www.
  • Malaysia
    1. Master Unit, Department
      Ananda Asitima Sungai Petani, Northern Malaysia, is located at the foot of the Jerai mountain in Semeling, at 15 minutes from Sungai Petani in Kedah, Northern Malaysia. At about one and a half hour distance are the Islands Penang and Langkawi. In this beautiful and peaceful area Ananda Asitima was established in 1990 as a community project. Here, as everywhere else in Malaysia, you can find a rich multi-cultured blending from Chinese, Indian and Malay. Link:

Suva Sector

  • Australia
    1. Ananda Madhurii, Gympie, QLD: This five-acre property belongs to the Women's Welfare Department of Ananda Marga and is used for yoga retreats, training and other inspiring programmes. A luscious tropical fruit and vegetable garden provides healthy food for all.
    2. Ananda Palli, Stanthorpe, QLD: This is a 110-acre property in the stone fruit country on the border of QLD and northern NSW. Considered the sectorial Master Unit for Suva Sector, this is the setting for the annual summer conference of Ananda Marga in Suva sector, as well as LFT training for brothers, and other programmes. The Master Unit has a wood-fired outdoor pizza oven, many fruit trees and an abundance of vegetable crops year round.
    3. Master Unit, Department
      Ananda Kamala, Maleny, QLD: This property houses the Ananda Marga River School, a K - 8 co-educational Neo-Humanist school known for its outstanding academic training as well as strong creative arts and environmental education. A jagrti (ashram of Ananda Marga) for Dadas (monks) is also on this property. The Ananda Marga River School is a community of learning, including students from Kindy to Year 7, teachers, administrators & parents. The River School opened in 1995 with 23 students. Today we have over 200 students and 36 staff members. Children who attended a Preschool at this site previously came up with the school’s name while playing in beautiful Bridge Creek that runs through the property. They called it the “Wet and Wild River School.” Link:
    4. Ananda Batika, Lismore, NSW: The site of Vistara Primary School, this Master Unit is managed by the Women's Welfare Department of Ananda Marga.
    5. Ananda Rainjana, Lismore, NSW
    6. Ananda Prapriti, Sheffield, Tasmania: Currently, this Master Unit is inactive, however Shrii PR Sarkar has commented that this is an excellent place for cultivating medicinal plants.

New York Sector

  • USA
    1. Master Unit, Department
      Ananda Kanan, Missouri. Baba gave the name Ananda Kanan, which means "Garden of Bliss." Certainly it has lived up to its name in many ways. Since 1983 it has served the Ananda Marga community of North America as a center for sectorial retreats. When Baba began the program of master units, Ananda Kanan became one of the first organized master units worldwide. Located in the Ozark Mountains of Southern Missoouri, Ananda Kanan ("Garden of Bliss") is a sustainable rural development project of Ananda Marga, Inc. Ananda Marga is a worldwide spiritual and social service organization, whose members practise meditation, yoga and vegetarianism. Link:
    2. Master Unit, Department
      Ananda Dhiira, California. The Vision of Ananda Dhiira is to be a sustainable community based on a spiritual foundation; to create an harmonious environment for all created beings, to provide social service and opportunities for education, economy, service and spiritual growth as well as network with local people and resources for the all round development of the community. Link:
    3. Master Unit, Department
      Ananda Dham, California, is situated in the Angeles National Forest at about 3000 feet, surrounded by beautiful nature inviting you to hikes, bike rides, swims in the cool lake or other outdoor activities. Ananda Dham is only about one hours drive north of Los Angeles in Lake Hughes, CA, USA. It was started in 1993, been a member of California Certified Organic Farmers since 1995 and is registered with the California Department of Food and Agriculture. Link:
    4. Master Unit, Department
      Ananda Girisuta In 1990, forty four acres of beautiful mountain forest and grass lands with panoramic views of the Blue Ridge Mountains were purchased outside Asheville, North Carolina. This area became the foundation for a seminar center, a green home owner’s association and a future eco-village. One third of the land has been developed into a small village of half a dozen green built homes called the Raven Ridge Homeowner’s Association. A geodesic dome, which has been used for retreats and seminars, was built in 1996 on the larger portion of this land. Link:
    5. Master Unit, Department
      Ananda Vratii, Pennsylvania. The friends of the Quest Center are those who love the place wishing its welfare and development. The Quest Center is one of the main places for the SSAC activities and programs. The location is in Northern Pennsylvania - Susquehanna County near Hop Bottom between Scranton,PA and Binghamton,NY off Hwy 81 close to the panoramic Route 11. Link:
    6. Master Unit, Department
      Ananda Niilima Arizona. Ananda Niilima, which means immersed in the bliss of the blue infinite or blue vastness, is a Master Unit Project run by the women's department of Ananda Marga North America. Ananda Niilima is located at 5300 feet, in the high desert outside the city limits of Winslow, Arizona. It is home to stunning high rangeland sunsets and breathtaking star-filled night skies. At times we are graced with an abundance of beautiful flowers and blooming cactuses. A 250 foot canyon runs across the property. During the spring a river runs through the canyon. It is the ideal site for spiritual practices, retreats, natural healing, off-the-grid living, and promoting a sustainable lifestyle. link:
    7. Master Unit, Department
      Ananda Liina, Illinois, is a spiritual yoga center and community. We offer meditation and yoga classes, collective meditation sessions, seminars and retreats. Yoga is the science of physical, mental and spiritual development and it is a way of life at Ananda Liina. Ananda Liina was set up to create a peaceful environment where everyone can begin the practice of yoga and meditation. In addition to yoga and meditation, Ananda Liina is striving to become an example of ecological sustainability and local self-reliance. To that end, we are engaged in organic farming, ecological water management and we harvest wind and solar energy. We are also a certified wildlife habitat. Link:
    8. Master Unit, Department
      Ananda Arpana, is a 71 acre farm in rural eastern Tennessee about 30 minutes from down town Knoxville. It is beautiful with hills, trees and open spaces. Its jewel is a big spring of cool, clear, clean water. Basic infrastructure is in place and it needs more minds than mine. Perhaps you would like to join Ananda Arpana's email interest group to stay informed about it, learn more about it and contribute your ideas and advice. I don't expect any commitment to visit the land, work on the land and/or live on the land. I just want to communicate with interested people. One thing I want to discuss is how to best offer the land to margii families and individuals. What structure would work best? You are more than welcome to come visit. Link:
  • Alaska
    1. Ananda Alaka MU (Alaska)

George Town Sector

  • Brasil
    1. Ananda Kiirtana MU, Master Unit Ananda Kiirtana Belmiro Braga, near Juiz De Fora, Brasil. Baba’s blessed place in South America which is especially known for kiirtan. The place is surrounded by beautiful hills, a river, water falls, and natural rainforest. Link:
    2. Ananda Paramita MU,
    3. Master Unit, Department
      Ananda Vasundara Ananda Vasundhara (the blissful land that provides for all), is situated in the centre of Brazil (Federal District), 50 km from Brasilia the capitol city. We are not only in the centre of Brazil but also in the middle of the South America tectonic plate more than 1200 km above sea level. It seems to be an ideal spot to start a Master Unit in the middle of the governmental, political and alternative climate of the capitol, in a backward rural area, with people suffering from poverty and slow development of the area. Link:
    4. Ananda Daksna (Porto Alegre)
  • Venezuela
    1. Master Unit, Department
      Centro Madre in its quest to be self-sufficient is building a roadside tourist shop alongside the local highway where we will sell our honey, organic fruit, vegetables, natural medicines and other health products from the centre and local co-operatives. These products are marketed and sold using the registered trademark: VITA LOTUS. The revenue enhances food security, bolsters the rural economy through the creation of jobs, and it improves the resource capability of the centre to serve the needs of the community. Link:
  • Argentina
    1. Master Unit, Department
      Ananda Mayadiipa is located in an area of 700 hectares Traslasierra Valley, Córdoba. The facilities are simple and comfortable kitchen, bathrooms and dormitories (men and women separately) and a large activity room. Outdoors there are two large barbeque area, ample space for camping, swimming pool fed by spring water and a beautiful lake surrounded by mountains with varied native flora, fauna and bubbling brooks. Link:
  • Paraguay
    1. Ananda Laliita MU, … (WWD)

Berlin Sector

  • Ireland
    1. Master Unit, Department
      Ananda Bharati Sunrise Farm, Derroran, Whitegate County Clare is a 38 acre ecological farm located in the Slieve Aughty mountains overlooking Lough Derg, the 2nd longest lake in Ireland. We are in the process of transforming the old farm into an eco sustainable community based on the principles of NeoHumanism, love and respect for all plants and animals as well as people. Founded as the Sunrise Education Trust our mission is to educate for health, happiness, sustainability and service. Link:
  • France
    1. Master Unit, Department
      Ananda Prasuna, France, Retiers, is practising and cultivating herbs. Provides information and practice to tone up and heal yourself through healing plants. Place for the informations and the sharing of the scientific knowledge and wisdom of the ancient and new therapies in Herbalism. Program and activities such as forum on herbalism, Chinese and Tibetan herbs, Recepies and formulas, Producing and harvesting medicinal plants, Detox programms and seminars, Spiritual and natural healing retreats, Yoga-Meditation with herbalism therapies, and Ayurvedic herbalism. Link:

  • Denmark
    1. Master Unit, Department
      Ananda Gaorii Local Fulltime Workers (LFT brothers) training center in Ananda Gaorii master unit outside of Copenhagen. LFT training is an important step, it can be a life changing experience. Spirituality is not just theory. In fact it is 99% practical. LFT training makes the theory real. By absorbing yourself intensively in spiritual practice, being saturated with kiirtan, Prabhat Samgiit, sentient food, good company, meditation, and spiritual ideation for a solid period of time like this, your very cells will be transformed. It is a period of rapid spiritual evolution, a huge step towards realizing the Spiritual Ideal we all hold so dear.
  • Italy
    1. Master Unit, Department
      Ananda Vipasa The Master Unit Vipasa Ananda is situated between the mountains and the Valpolicella Lessini a few miles from the park by the waterfall and the prehistoric Molina Vejo bridge, 10 kilometers from Lake Garda and 20 from Verona in northern Italy. The project started in 1987 as a project called Cooperative Oasis, where once were the remains of a nearby quarry. The Margiis and mites, wanted to turn this land into an oasis ruined, hence the name of the project. Link:
  • Portugal
    1. Master Unit, Department
      Ananda Kalyani In the last years Ananda Marga was trying to develop a Master Unit project in Portugal. We found the perfect conditions to transform this dream into a reality, supported by all. Today we can say the dream became true and we are starting to give the first steps. A group of pioneers has been living for the past 10 months in a base camp located 15 minutes from the Master Unit, in Serra da Estrela, developing local activities and establishing contacts with local associations and institutions of Beira Interior. We are at a crucial phase of the project and we need all the strength and support from all of you... each one of the Ananda Marga voluntaries is donating whatever they can, and we also need your help: a donation for the initial constructions. Link:
  • Poland
    1. Master Unit
      Ananda Ashisha AMERC (Farm Center) is a combination between an ecological farm and a yoga and meditation retreat. It is amongst one of the many projects inspired and founded by Shrii P R Sarkar (also known as Shrii Shrii Anandamurti), the founder of Ananda Marga. We are an education center and a spiritual training place where a student can learn under the guidance of a qualified and trained Acharya (ordained nun or monk of Ananda Marga), who has been practising yoga disciplines for many years. All the programs offered at the Farm Center are geared towards promoting education and the well-being in all the aspects of the individual's life. Link: (aka Eco Farm)
    2. Master Unit
      Ananda Putta Bhumi (Poland) Ecology Neohumanistycznej Festival held since 1991. It is a festival which brings together wishing to help build a society where all people can live in harmony with each other and other living beings and the environment. Link:
  • Czech Republic
    1. Ananda Suddha (Czech Republic)

Kahira Sector

  • Croatia
    1. Master Unit, Department
      Ananda Bandhu was the name given by Baba. The MU is only 20mins drive from the capital, Zagreb. It has an existing house and plenty of acreage including forested area, so it has good scope for development. Planing for further development is going on these days. We will be back with news soon! Click Ananda Bandhu for the project page and more info.

Nairobi Sector