Policy Selling AMPS Property

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Policy on Selling AMPS Property

Selling of any landed property is considered to be a very serious and rare matter. A proposal to sell must be with the consent of local margiis and WTs who are directly managing the property. Rather, a proposal to sell must be initiated by them with valid reasons submitted to the SEC of their Sector. From the SEC, the proposal and reasoning goes to the CEC. After deliberation, if the CEC approves, the proposal is forwarded to the CC. Finally, if and only if CC approves, then GS is authorized to approve the original proposal to sell the property. Proceeds from the sale should be exclusively put towards the purchase of a better property. The department or wing of AMPS that was responsible for the original management of the property retains responsibility for the purchase and management of the replacement property. In most cases this is indicated in both the proposal and the approval.

Generally proposals are turned down unless there is an insurmountable obstacle or a risk of loosing the property if not sold. Although GS is the Secretary of the Land Department, he is not the owner. In AMPS, approval to purchase a property is relatively straightforward, however approval to sell is a very drawn out procedure, that is rarely granted.

Note: Earlier to proposal by SEC there has to be consent of the local margiis and WTs who are directly managing the properties. Rather the proposal to sell has to be initiated by them with valid reasons to SEC.

After the approval by CC the sale proceeds are to be used only for the replacement of a better property of the concerned department/wing of AMPS which in most cases indicated in the approval.

--Aniish 05:04, 22 November 2010 (MST)