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SSAC, Department
Spiritualist's Sports and Adventures Club (SSAC) such as the soccer team in a village near Ananda Nagar (West-Bengal) -- Since its inception in 1978, SSAC has been trying to help people in rural areas to develop sports skills. In a country struggling with poverty, all energies have been focused on survival and sports activities have been very much neglected. Sometimes rural development schemes as promoted by Volunteers for Social Service have taken priority.

If the spiritual aspects of Sports matter more to you; If you seek that special feeling of body-mind synchronization or enjoy playing games just for the fun of it ; if you knowingly or unknowingly feel drawn to the natural beauty of the outdoors, we have something in common.

Mission of SSAC

Sports and adventures reflect the aspirations of a particular age. At the dawning of a new era, the Spiritualist's Sports and adventures Club (SSAC) has been formed to integrate sports and adventure with the higher aspirations of our time and to harmonize body, mind and spirit in a new way.

With this in mind, the first SSAC club was founded in India in 1978 to realize the following aims:

1. To inspire and provide opportunities for all people to participate in sport and adventure, regardless of nationality, age, race, economic or other considerations;

2. To encourage physical, mental and spiritual health and development, through exercise, sports and vegetarian diet;

3. To integrate the principles and practices of Tantra Yoga with sports and adventures, for the harmony of body, mind and spirit;

4. To oppose corruption, exploitation and elitism in the field of sport and setting a new standard of values by our own conduct

5. To serve the less fortunate members of society

SSAC Around the Globe

Hong Kong Sector

Manila Sector

Suva Sector

New York Sector

  • Haiti
    1. With this first trial run of a camp in the border of Artibonite and the North-west of Haiti we made a lot of experiences. Organizing, leading, coordinating and managing a variety of activites while at the same time being 24 hours around the clock with children is not easy. This was the first time for them to be out on their own without a parent, uncle or family member. Thanks to the facilitators (moniteurs) and organiser Jagatbandhu everything went smoothly. The bulk of the students were from Jacky's Karate class and proved to be in good shape for the camp. The only inconvenience was the extreme heat after 10 AM. to 3 P.M. So all were happy when it went off to the forest to recover a lost treasure. Both teams went with canoes about 2 miles along the coast to a beautiful forest with interspersed gardens to find a secret treasure. they had to extract it with a rope and not touch the inside of the delineated ground because it was mined. Link: http://www.innersports.org/CampGRHaiti.htm
  • USA
    1. Ananda Vratii Master Unit, the Quest Center is a project of people and families that want to give a space for growth and quests to inner fulfillment, harmony and love. Their means to achieve this is to cultivate various disciplines that help to develop our innermost potentials and human values such as Tai-Chi, Kung-Fu, Yoga and meditation. By serving individuals and groups to "quest" for these inner goals through these practices, collective games, workshops and outdoor activities, we learn and grow ourselves. The outdoor space is a north face of an ancient mountain with old maple trees and a meadow with a sizeable vegetable garden. It has proven to be ideal for the typical camp games such as hide-and-seek, capture-the-flag and others. The Quest Center organizes its own programs and also rents the place to groups. An adjacent property of 120 acres of dense woods is available for use in recreational activities. Link: http://www.innersports.org/quest.htm
    2. Ananda Kanan / Missouri characterized by water and CPR... This time red cross training needed to be completed by CPR and CPR we did with local Red Cross trainer jeff, we pumped and pumped until our arms tired out. These were the new instructions to save lives. More pumping than breathing. Up to 30 times... OK, that was our finishing program. We actually started with some interesting workshops on a new method of building up "Goodness Gangs" and on Dhyana by Dada Nabhaniilananda and Dada Rainjitananda. The next day became the boating day on the river with special test of courage being the rock jump and seeing the crude life of the boat "BLOBS"as a comparison to our spiritual lifestyle. Link: http://www.innersports.org/camp2010.htm

George Town Sector

Berlin Sector

Kahira Sector

Nairobi Sector

News / Activities / Establishments of Spiritualist's Sports and Adventures Club

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