Tiljala Homeopathic Clinic

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Tiljala Homeopathic Clinic Kolkata - India (AMPS)


Friday, 17 December 2010 As I looked over his shoulder, he wrote the name of the patient in the daily log in sequential order. This patient's number was 539,916. That's right: five hundred thirty nine thousand, nine hundred sixteen. The next patient (number 539,917) was sitting on the bench to the left, with a number of other patients of all ages.

The daily log book series in which he was writing was begun the day this clinic was started by a previous doctor in 1985 with patient number 1. And since he started working in this clinic in 1990, every subsequent patient has been seen by this one man who works seven days a week as an unpaid volunteer. And this is but one of three clinics that he operates.

The man is Dada Aksayananda. He is called Dadaji ("respected brother") by his patients. He sits daily in his saffron turban and monk's robes counseling patients, conducting exams (usually in the open, occasionally behind a curtain), diagnosing illnesses and prescribing remedies.

He works two shifts a day, from mid-morning to afternoon and then again in the evening until the very last patient has been seen (as long as it takes, irregardless of the hour).

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