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WOMEN`S WELFARE DEPARTMENT works for the all round development and upliftment of women in society.
P.R Sarkar
What P.R. Sarkar wrote and said about WWD and related issues.

What Marga members wrote about WWD and related topics.

What Society does to WWD related issues.

Five sections of WWD

WWD-GENERAL works to start schools, open homes, and centers for tribal women and unwed mothers, start medical relief for women, open women`s retiring homes, open skills training centers for women and all round relief for women.

G.V.- GIRL`S VOLUNTEERS organize camps in order to train young women in self- discipline, sense of collective responsibility, courage, valor, selflessness, self - esteem, fearlessness and willingness to fight against all obstacles.

HPMG(L)- HARI PARI MANDAL GOSTI (ladies managed) works to promote spirituality through social functions like Ananda Mela, full moon festivals, Katha Kiirtan parties, Akhanda Kiirtan parties, Nagar Kiirtans, music, dance and song competitions, mass initiations, organizing service programs in all units, as well as starting schools.

P.W.S.A.- PROGRESSIVE WOMEN`S SPIRITUAL ASSOCIATION organizes progressive minded women into a spiritually oriented association in order to promote cardinal human values in society. They hold seminars, symposiums, conferences, parades, rallies, and other public gatherings to promote all round development of society.

A.M.U.R.T.EL- ANANDA MARGA UNIVERSAL RELIEF TEAM ( Ladies managed) works in close cooperation with AMURT in the area of disaster relief. In time of calamity volunteers are rushed to the scene with food, medicines, clothes and other relief supplies. AMURTEL members specialize in other areas of health education by sponsoring " Mother`s courses" and hygiene classes to indigents.

WWD Around the Globe

Delhi Sector

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Hong Kong Sector

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Manila Sector


Baan Unrak School - Thailand AMSAI (WWD)

In December we had the yearly ‘Don’t litter program’. This is a one day program our school does every year to raise consciousness about the environment. On this day many schools in the area send some of their students ..→


Laos: Sunshine School - Laos AMSAI (WWD)

The Sunshine School was established in 1996 and is officially licensed and registered with the Lao government. It is located in Vientiane, Laos. It is a pre and primary school with the Neo-Humanist Education system ..→

Suva Sector

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New York Sector

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George Town Sector

Ananda Laliita - Paraguay


Paraguay Community Development of today and tomorrow

George Town Sector, is bordered on the west by the Pacific Ocean and on the north and east by the Atlantic Ocean; North America and the Caribbean Sea lie to the northwest. It includes Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay, Venezuela, Panama, ..→

Berlin Sector


Gradinita Rasarit AMSAI - Romania (WWD)

We give fundamental importance to creating a loving, warm, creative environment where each child will feel special and appreciated. At Rasarit, learning is a joyful discovery experience using “play-way ..→

Kahira Sector

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Nairobi Sector

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