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Frequently Asked Questions about AMargaPedia/Management - AMP/M

Is AMP/M to decide what Ananda Marga needs?

AMP/M cannot decide what Ananda Marga/AMPS needs. All that has been agreed so far is the need for a stronger emphasis on WHAT and HOW of Ananda Marga/AMPS.

Is AMP/M a group?

No, its an instrument which creates tools. It provides a way for anyone to contribute to help us crystallize the WHAT and HOW of Ananda Marga/AMPS.

Will AMP/M give advice to anybody who has questions?

NOT in the classical way (ie. someone asks AMP/M and AMP/M tells them what to do) - but YES it can, in the sense that one is free to open a discussion in the forum about a particular concern, problem, interest or question, and thus stimulate debate. A forum discussion or debate where anyone can participate may produce a valuable solution. The more people who discover solutions in this way, the more they will be inspired to solve local problems in a collaborative way: by consulting and debating about the problem with others. Those others might be a team in a specialised field, or other users of AMP/M platforms/forums, etc..

Is AMP/M a top-down approach?

The platform is open for Marga members who would like to use the tools. Its about encouraging the members to use the tools and contribute. There is no top and bottom.

What is the nature of AMP/M ?

AMP/M is educational and collaborative in nature, to bring these positive qualities into our AMPS organizational culture - the culture of cooperation.

AMP/M is not an "against" campaign pointing at others or criticising, mudslinging, nor groupism. Seemingly it is for "for" campaign to unite on a base of common ground, rather then on base of pointing the differences. More precisely, AMP/S is not a "campaign" but a place where things get started when people get together and does what they all want to do -- to have a place that excites and energizes all the participating members and most of all benefiting the people, animals, and plants in the society within each sector and regions.

How will AMP/M create a space for collective process to occur?

see the Q. What are the phases for developing the AMP/M?

What are the phases for developing the AMP/M?

1) Crystallizing the technical solution and process that will help AMP/M to facilitate the collective work on WHAT and HOW.

  • The present process and work is done by one start-up team who contribute their own ideas for what would be the best approach and best tools in order to attain the goal (increasing the focus of members on WHAT and HOW).
  • After a while, the start-up team will be expanded to become more inclusive (the next step on is to include other margiis and acaryas who have already done work with similar outputs).
  • Each step of wider inclusion will result in better tuning of the solutions and processes.

2) Open the project to all members and mediate the processes that are going on in the forum:

  • select most valuable that are well documented and often repeat themselves for the AM wiki (a workbook created and based on the work of all members on the formum)
  • encourage people to exchange best practices or open new subjects about local concerns so we all can learn from each other and in this way we may achieve better efficiency in our local fields.
  • give collectively our help and advice "how could we solve any collective practical problem?"
  • in a similar way to how AMP/M developed, other collaborative projects may occur also.

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