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This page is for conciousness rising to broaden the awareness and knowledge about social, economic, cultural and spiritual questions related to the basic necessities of life, health and interrelationships, life purpose(s) and other commonly asked why things happen as they do. The selected articles answering these questions are by P.R. Sarkar and others who wrote and said recently or last decades to help in both departmental works and personal/collective improvements.
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Romanian students fail baccalaureate exam

Over half of Romanian terminal grade students fail baccalaureate exam


July 2011 (Berlin Sector) Only 44.47 percent of Romanian high school students passed last week's 2011, according to the results published by Romanian education authorities on Sunday. The baccalaureate exam in Romania is the secondary school educational qualification test, and passing it attests that a student has graduated high school and may be admitted to a university. This is dramatically different from 69.3 percent last year and 81.4 percent in 2009.

The moment of truth has come. Success rates topping 80 percent were ..→

Romanian Revolution of 1989

Romanian Revolution of 1989


December 1989 (Berlin Sector) The Romanian Revolution of 1989 was a week-long series of increasingly violent riots and fighting in late December 1989 that overthrew the government of the totalitarian president Nicolae Ceauşescu. After a trial, Ceauşescu and his wife Elena were executed. Romania was the only Eastern Bloc country to overthrow its government forcefully or to execute its leaders.

Three major components provided reason for and provoked the Romanian Revolution:

  1. The secret police (Securitate) were becoming so ubiquitous as to make ..→

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